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Things to Consider When Choosing a Ranch Wedding Venue


Wedding is one of the most wonderful events in life. It is the time when couples made their vows and have their relationship recognized legally. It is the time to share their happiness with their family and friends. So most couples would spend months even more than a year just to plan for their perfect wedding. And one of the most important aspects in the wedding is the venue. Wedding venue can help create an amazing atmosphere which reflects all throughout the wedding. With such importance on the wedding venue, there are a lot of places such as resorts and hotels which offer wedding venue rentals. Although high-end or luxurious venues have been dominating the wedding industry for the past decades, the trend has been interrupted with the development of rustic wedding venues. Among the popular rustic wedding venues nowadays is a ranch wedding venue. Farm wedding venue is also included. If you decide to have your wedding at a rustic wedding venue, make sure to consider these things.


  1. Theme – You need to fit your theme with the barn wedding venue. Some couples would have a cowboy theme when choosing a ranch venue. However, you can still have a traditional wedding theme inside a ranch venue since a lot of these venue rentals are accommodating various wedding themes nowadays.


  1. Location – Ranch venues are not within the city. These venues are even a little farther from your local area. Make sure that the venue can be accessed through different types of transportation such as cars and even public vehicles. If the area frequently rains, look for one that is not flooded during rainy season.


  1. Space – Although ranches are often wide, not all of the space is available for you to rent. Check the space you can use when renting the venue. Make sure it can accommodate all of your guest and the various activities during the wedding without having very little space to operate. Visit this website at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedding_reception for more info about weddings.


  1. Facilities – The venue must have a ceremony area as well as a reception area. You want to ensure that the area where the wedding is going to be held is not the same with the area you will eat after the wedding. It would be a bonus if you can also find a lodge to rest for the evening.


  1. Packages – Ask the various wedding packages offered in the venue. Does it include food catering? How about a wedding singer or entertainer? Make sure to ask all the details including the price for each package.


  1. Budget – You also have to consider your budget. Although a lot of ranch wedding venues are cheaper than a hotel or resort, it would still cost you a significant amount of money especially if you look for a high-end ranch venue.


  1. Reviews – Lastly, it is important to consider the reviews. Check how other couples would rate their wedding experience on the particular ranch. You can expect to have the same experience unless there is a significant change in the venue.


When you consider all of these, make sure to check different venues and see which one would be best for your wedding. Remember to book in advance to ensure your wedding can be accommodated.